Create 1 million jobs with the Local Jobs for America Act.

What is the 1 Million Jobs campaign?

The One Million Jobs Campaign is a grass-roots effort to bring attention to the unprecedented unemployment crisis that is devastating families and communities across the country and build support for the Jobs for the "Local Jobs for America Act".

By filling out the "Jobs for America" job application, you send an important message to Washington to take action now on the unemployment crisis.

People are looking for work

Every day, a factory closes and devastates an entire community. Every week, a company downsizes forcing people to turn to unemployment insurance, or short term and part-time jobs that barely cover the bills.

At the same time, our communities are in crisis, laying off teachers, police, and firefighters and cutting critical services we all rely on.

Washington has helped big banks and Wall Street. Now it's time Washington helps the people on Main Street.

America needs a comprehensive jobs bill that will put people back to work immediately and preserve critical services, providing people with living wage jobs that not only help to put Americans back to work - but also improve our cities, towns and rural communities.

The "Local Jobs for America Act" (HR 4812) will create and save one million jobs doing the work our communities need most.

Send a message to Congress and the President that you are ready, able and willing to work.

Fill out our job application and let them hear from one million of us from every corner of America who are unemployed, underemployed, or at risk of being laid off and want Washington to put America to work and fix our economy.